Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Easier way to embed java script/HTML in blogpost

When using javascript in your blogspot, I just copied the javascript and HTML code in the editor, but using template, one can share the java script and HTML code for all of the blogs that I make. The first step is visit, and choose your blogspot. Open layout.
Then, open "Add a Gadget", and select HTML/Javascript.
When you need to change some of the template, you also can edit the template HMTL code.
Then add your code in there. I have this for my code.

Showing LaTeX code in blogger

Refer to this post.

Syntax highlighter setup

Refer to this post.

pretty printer

Refer to Code highlighting on blogger by LUKA MARINKO. You also need to modify HTML template as explained before.

You can edit the code anytime you want.

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