Tuesday, October 30, 2012

simple make example

  • You can use variable by assigning it, and use it with $(), it can be anything, you can even think of it as a macro.
  • You can use $@ to replace the target. @ is a good name to represent the goal(target).
  • $+ means all prerequisites with space separated when multiple is given.
  • %.o:%.c shows the relationship based on extension name. Don't forget it uses % not *.
# 1
# Defining the compiler:

# Defining the object files:
objects = main.o example.o

# 2
# The default rule - compiling our main program:
all:	sample
		echo all: make complete

# 3
sample: $(objects)
	# If we get here, all the dependencies are now built.
	# Link it:
	$(CC) -o $@ $+

# 4
# Tell make how to build .o files from .c files:
	$(CC) -c $+
# 5
#Now make sure that make rebuilds files if included headers change:
main.o: main.h defs.h
example.o: example.h defs.h

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