Sunday, November 4, 2012


You can get all the installed module information using "python modules".
pydoc modules

AddressBook         __future__          django              pstats
AppKit              _abcoll             dl                  pty
AppleScriptKit      _ast                doctest             pwd
AppleScriptObjC     _bisect             dumbdbm             py2app
Audio_mac           _builtinSuites      dummy_thread        py2app_tests
Automator           _codecs             dummy_threading     py_compile
BaseHTTPServer      _codecs_cn          easy_install        pyclbr
Bastion             _codecs_hk          email               pydoc
CFNetwork           _codecs_iso2022     encodings           pydoc_data
CFOpenDirectory     _codecs_jp          errno               pyexpat
CGIHTTPServer       _codecs_kr          exceptions          quopri
CalendarStore       _codecs_tw          fcntl               random
Canvas              _collections        filecmp             re
pydoc doesn't recognize any special markups. If you want to get more from the docstring, you need other documentation generator such as epydoc, Doxygen, or Sphinx.


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